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    Its that time again! Yes, thats right, discussion time!!!

    Ok, so ive got like 200$ saved up right now, and im looking at some new cymbals, i make about 10 a week (yes ive been on a money fasting for a while now)

    But anyhow

    Im looking into some new cymbals, there are many things i was thinking about doing, Some of my options include

    Saving up for a little longer and buying a crash pack (the Z customs dont look bad, but ive heard many cracking storys, maybe the 16/18 A custom projection pack)

    Buying a ride and building around that (thinking about the paiste alpha ride, maybe the sabian AA raw bell ride)

    Or the plain way of buying a cymbal pack, the only thing with a pack, you dont get variety, and you dont really get a chance to pick the cymbals you like best (probably around 600$ there)

    Gimme input, as well as suggestions

    And ive come to note, i dont need the best cymbals ever, im not a professional yet, so i dont exactly need pro cymbals, some advanced maybe a professional quality here or there, Im probably intermediate/advanced, if that helps

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    well, there was that cymbal pack I showed you, 499 bucks for..... 1 16'' plosion crash and 1 18" plosion crash, 14" stage hats and the 20" stage ride. cant beat that deal. accept im not a big fan of the ride.. the bell isn't quite crisp enough. Also.. if you get that, your not gonna have to spend more money on an upgrade later on because you'll already have some high end cymbals. But true.. you cant choose which ones you want, and I dont know much about cymbals, its just a suggestion.

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    Yea =/

    I dunno, has anyone heard anything good about the PST 5's from paiste?

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