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Thread: new here..thinking about an elec drum set

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    Default new here..thinking about an elec drum set

    Ok so my parents said i couldnt get an acoustic set (noise)
    but my mom said i might could get an elec im looking at the Hart Prodigy(i like the setup) with the alesis dm5 because im not looking to spend that much..should run me about 600, anyways has anyone heard these if so how are they and is ther anything else i need to know?
    message me on aim if u want i would love to chat with some good drummers aim = nhschris09
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    no one ? :(

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    I dont know much about electric sets, all i know is Roland and Yamaha as supposedly the best. Give it awhile and someone will help you out bro, but i say if thats all you can get, then get it, everyone has to start somewhere.

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    Yeah, look, you get what you pay for really. Single trigger, no choke, and the module doesn't do a good job representing realistic sounds - it's a pretty basic entry level setup. Cool for playing onh your won and practising, and if it's what you can afford, at least it has mesh heads.

    The brand on a whole seems pretty good though, especially the professional kit range - although, the module still doesn't have the same quality of sound as the Roland TD20 - but here were are comparing kits worth thousands of dollars, so not what you're looking at. That module is fairly basic, and maybe one from Roland should be the way to go - even maybe like a TD10 or for a cheaper option the TD3, or if you can afford it, the TD6.

    At any rate - for the mesh heads, and I am assuming it is for your "first" kit sort of thing - it seems adequte, but like I said, the sounds aren't that realistic, and the single triggering means no rimshot effects or anything like that. Also, the seperate pedal for hi-hat never feels right to me - not like an accoustic hi-hat stand anyway - to me they feel foreign, another reason I like the TD20, and even in the Hart range everything from the Studio Master 5.3 and up uses proper stands and pedals too.

    Anyway - hope that helped
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