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Thread: Internal snare mufflers

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    Question Internal snare mufflers

    Hi Guys, maybe someone can help me out here, and I can return the favor one day I need two, really, really good, strong, internal snare mufflers. And please don't anyone go into all the new ways to muffle a snare - I just built my kit, and the holes are there, so I want to use them! I'm a heavy hitter and a metal player, and the mufflers I had just bent away from the head within one practice session; Ludwig used to put a good one on their base model Acrolite, and I had one, but things do break I know Gibraltar makes a heavier one, has anyone used it? I'd sure appreciate it if someone had a couple, or knew where I could get them; I'll be happy to pay for them, just not this month, unfortunately! Thanks everyone!

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    I have only ever played a kit once with internal muffling, and i hated it!! I absolutely hated it, I think that they were Pearl internal mufflers if they do them??

    I dont use them so i shouldn't really comment. Im sure you will find other people with much better knowledge of where to get good ones! Good Luck!
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    Thanks rjf1986 The Pearl aftermarket mufflers I've had were really terrible, not up to their standard at all, you may have heard these exact ones, not too great, are they? I don't use muffling on anything but my snare(save for my bass head protector).

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    why internal mufflers though? Why not moongels or something? Also is this for the kick or the whole kit or just the snare?
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