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Thread: OCDP Drums - not making drums as of a week ago

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    with what ive heard and seen, ocdp are great sounding drums. i have played 2 of their kits, one of which was a travis barker ocdp replica signature kit. it was pretty nice! like others said, its all about how the drummer is hitting them. ocdp, like most other drums, have their sweet spots and sometimes it can be hard to tell. but like i said, going upon the pro's i have seen play these drums, they sound great and i think they can only benefit from being more of a custom builder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Russ View Post
    I knew this was bogus from the start. Never trust any news or leaks online unless it's a verified source. OCDP didn't go anywhere they just stepped their game up to DW's level and cut off their mainstream lines. Good move from public relations, they will be seen as a true custom company now and less of a half and half manufacturer. Besides, their mainstream lines weren't reflective of how good they can actually make a set of drums sound, look, and feel. Not even close.
    They didn't do any such thing. They practically went bankrupt and Guitar Center Bought them. They are G.C.'s house brand.

    ALL the make now is mainstream kits in 4 different series.

    The only way to get a custom kit is to be endorsed by them.

    This is like the fourth thread about OCDP drums that I have seen and comented on in here, which is why I tried to get one stickied a long time ago.

    They are a mainstream production company now and deserve a sticky like the other ones so people here can have a single source for info and discussion.
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