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    Find unique gifts for every Occupation you can think of!

    Over 200 Occupations

    Gifts for Teachers - Good teachers are priceless. Show them your appreciation with a unique gift.
    Gifts for Musicians - Whether it be for guitar players, drummers, piano players or any instrument, musicians deserve a nice gift.
    Gifts for Doctors - What would we do without them? When it comes to doctor gifts, has lots to choose from.
    Gifts for Electricians - They can't help it, they're just "wired" that way. Buy your electrician a nice gift!
    Gifts for Bartenders - Show your bartender some love. They give us the spirits.
    Gifts for Nurses - has lots of nurse gifts. Check it out!
    Gifts for Accountants - Show me the money! Get your accountant a nice gift.
    Gifts for Bikers - See all the cool biker gifts.
    Gifts for Truck Drivers - Keep on trucking! If you're old, you'll know what that means.
    Gifts for Artists - Artist gifts for the artist in your life.
    Gifts for Pastors - Praise God... we have pastor gifts.
    Gifts for Farmers - Thank you farmers for giving us food. We will also give you gifts.
    Gifts for Lawyers - May God help them. Buy lawyer gifts because they need love too (I think).
    Gifts for Piano Players - Need piano gifts? has them.
    Gifts for Guitar Players - Show your guitar player your love with a guitar gift.
    Gifts for Drummers - Save your money.
    Gifts for Politicians - Do we really want to buy them gifts? Umm....
    Gifts for Realtors - They just made $20,000 off your house. The least you can do is buy them a gift.
    Gifts for Computer IT's - Buy your computer geek a gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Architects - Architectually speaking, they need love too. Architect gifts.
    Gifts for Police Officers - Never met a crooked cop I didn't love. Police gifts at BuyGifts.
    Gifts for EMT - Emt gifts for those emergency guys that save your life.
    Gifts for Pilots - Need pilot gifts? BuyGifts has 'em.
    Gifts for Flight Attendants - Fasten your seat belts and button up your tray tables...
    Gifts for Band Teachers - they work hard. Buy your band teacher a music gift.
    Gifts for Bankers - Sho' me the money! Banker gifts at
    Gifts for Coaches - Coach gifts
    Gifts for Cowboys - There are still Cowboys? Ok, then buy them a gift.
    Gifts for Actors - I'm not playing... we've got actor gifts too!
    Gifts for Waiters - Yup! Gifts for waiters.
    Gifts for Waitresses - Waitress gifts. Leave them a tip too.
    Gifts for Dancers - Dancer gifts for the dancer in your life.
    Gifts for Fishermen - Go fish! Fishing gifts at
    Gifts for Gamblers - I bet you can find gambling gifts at BuyGifts.
    Gifts for Golfers - Golf gifts
    Gifts for Electricians - Electrician gifts. We'll leave the light on for ya.
    Gifts for Executives - Executive gifts for that impotent businessman (or is it important).
    Gifts for Homemakers - Suzy homemaker gifts
    Gifts for Insurance Agents - They make gifts for them? Hmmmm
    Gifts for Hairdressers - Hairdresser gifts for your hairstylist.
    Gifts for Musicians - Music makers! Guitar, bass, drums, piano... Music Gifts for Musicians!
    Gifts for Webmasters - Give those web developers a nice gift!
    Gifts for Singers - Singer gifts for the songbirds out there.
    Gifts for Violin Players - I'll bet a fiddle of gold, against your soul... we have violin gifts.
    Gifts for Engineers - Engineer gifts for the engineer in your life.
    Gifts for Firemen - Our treasured heros. Buy a fireman gift from BuyGifts.
    Gifts for Gymnasts - They stretch, turn, flip and amaze. Gymnast gifts.
    Gifts for Veterinarians - I'll be dog gone... give your vet a gift.
    Gifts for Stylists - What kind of stylist, I don't know but think of them for gift giving.
    Gifts for Sailors - Show your appreciating to our sailors. How about sailor gifts?
    Gifts for Servicemen - We honor serviceman and appreciate them through gift.
    Gifts for Preachers - Praise the Lord and thanks to our wonderful preachers. Buy preacher gifts at
    Gifts for Chiropractors - Have a backache? See a chiropractor. Don't forget them to thank them at Christmas time with a gift.
    Gifts for Cops - Cop gifts and gift ideas!
    Gifts for Chefs - We're cookin' with Chef gifts at
    Gifts for CEO's - CEO Gifts for those important people in your life that make more money than you.
    Gifts for Businessmen - Business gifts for businessmen that have to do with business.
    Gifts for Mechanics - They fix our cars and trucks. Get them a nice mechanic gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Librarians - Librarian gifts for book "keepers".
    Gifts for Child Care Workers - They keep our kids and that ain't an easy job. Child care gifts for your nanny.
    Gifts for Photographers - Photographer gifts. has cool photographer theme gifts and gift ideas.
    Gifts for Travel Agents - Cool gift ideas for travel agents.
    Gifts for Truck Drivers- Truck drivers need love too! Come to for truck driver gifts.
    Gifts for Bus Drivers - And some of those truck drivers drive a bus! Ha-ha! - Bus driver gifts at BuyGifts.
    Gifts for Taxi Drivers - Buy a special gift for your taxi driver.
    Gifts for Cooks - Cook gifts and chef gifts.
    Gifts for Carpenters - Unique carpenter gifts for the carpenter who builds things.
    Gifts for Plumbers - Cool plumber gifts and gift ideas for plumbers.
    Gifts for Barbers - Barber gifts
    Gifts for Cashiers - Cashier gifts for the cashier in your life.
    Gifts for Assembly Workers - Show the assembly worker some love with an assembly worker gift.
    Gifts for Caterers - Buy your caterer a gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Cleaners - Don't forget the cleaners in your life. Show them some love with a unique cleaner gift.
    Gifts for Construction Workers - Buy a gift for a construction worker.
    Gifts for Gardeners - You know, the ones with the green thumbs. Gardener gifts at
    Gifts for Handymen - I've always been impressed by handymen. They seem to know everything. Show 'em your appreciation with a special handymen gift.
    Gifts for Janitors - They do the job that many don't want to do. Buy them a nice janitor themed gift.
    Gifts for Mailmen - Through rain, sleet and snow, mailmen always deliver. Now you have a chance to deliver too. Mailmen gifts from
    Gifts for Postal Workers - Think of your postal worker when it comes time to give gifts.
    Gifts for Morticians - Do you see dead people? The morticians do! Ok, enough fun.... buy these guys a nice mortician gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Nail Technicians - Oh pretty nails! Nail technician gifts for those that do your nails!
    Gifts for Painters - Paint me a room and I'll paint you a gift. Painter gifts at
    Gifts for Warehouse Workers - Warehouse worker gifts and gift ideas.
    Gifts for Policemen - They've got a difficult job. Show your policemen some respect by thinking of him/her at Christmas time. Police gifts.
    Gifts for Real Estate Agents - Real estate agent gifts and unique gift ideas.
    Gifts for Insurance Agents - Don't forget your insurance agent when it comes to gift giving.
    Gifts for Stock Brokers - Stock broker gifts and gift ideas at
    Gifts for Teachers - Teacher gifts for those special teachers in your life. A good teacher is invaluable to our kids and their future. Show them some love and appreciation through a very special teacher gift.
    Gifts for CPA's - CPA gifts
    Gifts for Attorneys - We love our attorneys don't we? Don't we? Ha-ha! Find attorney gifts at
    Gifts for Administrators - Administrator gifts and gift ideas.
    Gifts for Assistants - They don't get enough attention. Our assistants carry the load for us. Don't forget them at gift giving time.
    Gifts for Buyers - "Buy" gifts for the professional buyer in your life.
    Gifts for Clerks - Don't forget the clerks. Clerk gift ideas like mugs, figurines, artwork and more.
    Gifts for Office Workers- Awesome office worker gifts and gift ideas. BuyGifts has funny office party gifts and more.
    Gifts for Customer Service Reps - CSR gifts at Show appreciation to your customer service reps.
    Gifts for Designers - Designer gifts at
    Gifts for Government Workers - Don't forget your government workers.
    Gifts for Interns - Interns don't always get decent pay so please get them a nice gift.
    Gifts for Receptionists - Receptionist gifts and gift ideas.
    Gifts for Sales Assistants - Buy gifts for sales assistants.
    Gifts for Sales Reps - Sales rep gift ideas. We have them at
    Gifts for Salesmen - Salesman gifts
    Gifts for Secretarys - Secretary gift ideas.
    Gifts for Tellers - Buy your teller a nice gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Eye Doctors - "Eye" can tell you, you should buy your eye doctor a nice gift too.
    Gifts for Dentists - Dentist gifts and unique gift ideas for dentists like T-shirts, figurines, wine holders and more.
    Gifts for Pharmacists - Pharmacist gifts at
    Gifts for Paramedics - Buy your paramedic a nice gift for Christmas.
    Gifts for Massage Therapists - They make us feel good. Make them feel good with a nice gift.
    Gifts for Psychologists - If you can't figure out why you should buy a psychologist a gift, just buy them a gift anyway. Then, you can sign up for an appointment with one to examine why you had to think about whether or not to buy them a gift. They should find it interesting.
    Gifts for Therapists - Same. Therapist gifts at
    Gifts for Vocalists - Forget the singers. Buy your vocalist a gift for Christmas!

    Occupational Gifts and Gift Ideas
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    Occupational Gifts are fun because they allow you a more unique idea for gift giving. Surprise them with a personalized watch, figurine or humorous cartoon for their wall in the theme of their occupation.

    Occupation Gifts

    Occupation / Profession / What they do for a living ... We've got a gift for all the professions. Whether they're a doctor, lawyer, nurse or musician, you'll find a unique gift for them. From mugs to figurines to picture frames and then some. Search our collection unique gifts by occupation.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Occupation Gifts

    Occupation Gifts has a new home. For visitors who have found this page, please visit Drum Bum for a full list of occupation-related gifts and gift ideas. You can still find a unique gift for just about every major profession from teachers to lawyers to the front desk CSR or the local postman. Check out the colorful mugs and unique wirecraft figurines. You'll bound to find an exciting gift at Drum Bum.

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