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    Default Music Gifts

    Music Gifts

    Please Support DrumChat...
    by shopping with us. Buy Music Gifts for Musicians: Guitar Players, Drummers, Piano Players, Horn Players, Bass Players, Choir Members, Songwriters and more. If you need musical gifts, Drum Bum is the place. Perhaps your special musician is in the school band. Maybe they're in the symphony or perhaps they have a rock band. We can help you find that perfect music gift. - Drummers... Click Here to Start Making Your Wish List.

    Music Gifts for Musicians

    Unique Music Gifts

    Some of the many unique gift products you'll find are music aprons, clothing and stationery. You'll find home furnishings to decorate such as clocks, figurines and instruments that double as room decor. We've got lots of ideas like coasters, photo frames and even music theme kitchen accessories like fridge magnets, mugs, tea towels, and oven mitts. We've even got barbecue forks and the cutest little music salt and pepper shakers such as the Betty Boop line and the Charlie Brown and Peanuts themes.

    From leather goods to bookmarks, you'll find the most unique music gifts at Drum Bum. Is it jewelry they like? How about a guitar necklace or a set of piano earrings? Yup, we've got that too! And don't forget the music themed gift wrap. We've got that too! Wrap those Christmas gifts in wrap that will make it pop and that speaks to their passion.

    Without Music Pillow


    Music Gifts

    Peace, Love, Music Pillow

    These are just some of many gift ideas for musicians. The list goes on and on. Have a singer in the family? We've got gifts for singers. Maybe there's a jazz lover in the house. We've got jazz gifts. Do they play one of the woodwind instruments? We've got gifts for clarinet, flute, and even the oboe. We've even got violin gift ideas like a beautiful figurine with Austrian crystals and a violin candle. We even have gifts and accessories for horn players. Whether they play the saxophone, trumpet, baritone, trombone or the tuba, you'll find music gifts and musician accessories at And by all means, don't forget the drummers! Super cool, unique drummer gifts here.

    Check out more Musician Gifts and Ideas for Gift Giving

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    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Music Note Earrings. These unique wooden earrings are laser cut and finely trimmed. They feature the treble clef and the bass clef combined to make a heart.
    Get 'em while they're hot!

    Music Gifts

    Music Gifts on Pinterest

    Music Note Earrings

    You can't go wrong with music themed socks. They're practical and everyone needs them so why not make them fit their passion. Or how about a cool Beatles lamp for that perfect gift idea? Everybody likes the Beatles. They're legendary! If you're looking for unique musician gifts, this would be a strong contender.

    Music Note Socks

    Music Gifts

    You don't need to search the internet for gifts for a musician. Drum Bum's got you covered. People are often surprised at the amazing selection of musical products we carry. The more you look around, the more cool things you'll find. From a drumset hitch cover to drum machine wallets that play beats when you open them up, they are better gift ideas to give a musician than a boring practice pad or songbook. Get creative and give them a gift that they would never buy for themselves. How about a Chromatic scale watch or a guitar light switch cover?

    Beatles Lamp

    See more Music Gifts on Pinterest

    Bamboo Cutting Board

    What makes a good gift for a musician? Think about what they like first and foremost. Do they like the outdoors (fishing, hiking, camping)? Maybe you can get them a cool T-shirt that they can kick around in. Are they an art lover? Consider modern art for their wall like the Dave Mathews print. Or maybe they like to cook. Consider a nice guitar cutting board like the one above. We've got cutting boards for other instruments as well like the violin and music-themed boards.

    Dave Matthews Art Print

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Music Note Tumbler. This would make a practical and colorful music gift idea!

    Music Gifts

    Music Note Tumbler

    When you're looking for gift ideas for musicians, first look at the individual's taste. Do they wear T-shirts? Jewelry? Do they like to laugh? Maybe something funny or whimsical. Do they play jazz? Do they collect mementos? These questions can all help with selecting the right gift.

    Miniature Trombone

    Miniature music instruments are great, not only for birthday and Christmas gifts but for centerpieces for music parties and events or even trophies for band or orchestra. You could even give one of these elegant miniatures as a student appreciation gift or as a teacher appreciation gift. The front is even bare so it could be personalized as well. Put a custom engraved message on a brass plaque.

    Music Gifts

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Music Gifts

    Drum Bum features hundreds of guitar gifts like the above guitar shaped fan. We've got T-shirts, ties, figurines, posters and more for the guitar lover. If they're a collector, you'll find tons of collectibles from miniatures to one of a kind gadgets. Can't think of the right gift? Simply search for "guitar" at Drum Bum and you'll be pleased to find over 600 music gift ideas to choose from.

    Music Ceramic Travel Mug
    An awesome music travel mug for musicians. Vibrant colors and a perfect gift idea for a musician's birthday, as a Christmas present or perhaps just to say "Thank you!" to your favorite musician or band teacher. The great thing about this item is that it's practical. Unlike a T-shirt, it can literally be used every day.

    Bob Marley Art Print
    If they like Bob Marley, they'll love this limited edition piece of artwork. Great for decorating the studio, your home office or maybe mounted over the sofa in the main living area.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Music Gifts

    Music Gifts

    More Music Gifts at Drum Bum

    Pick Punch

    The pick punch is a great music gift item that works for musicians and non-musicians alike. With the ability to make guitar picks out of credit cards or just about any hard plastic, it not only provides a practical solution for expensive picks but it brings hours of enjoyment for you and your friends or family. Simply gather some old hotel room keys and start making picks! You might find that you can't put it down.

    Pewter Guitar Pick Necklace - Music Note

    A wonderful music necklace that would make a unique gift for any musician. Clever in design, this pendant has a music note carved out of it instead of imprinted. Music pendants and related jewelry are often smaller and more affordable so they make great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas or just as a kind gesture to show your favorite musician how much you think of them.

    Grand Piano Clock

    A beautiful and elegant piano miniature. Grand piano clock for gift giving.
    - Admin

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Music Notes Latte Mug for the musician in your life.

    Music Gifts

    Music Latte Mug

    A wonderful, artsy mug for the musician in your life.

    Guitar Clock

    Cool and unique, this artsy guitar clock would make a wonderful gift for your guitar player.
    - Admin

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Buy Music Gifts for Guitar Players, Piano Players, Bass Players and all Musicians. Drum Bum specialized in Music Gifts.

    Music Gifts

    Treble Clef Sports Bottle

    Treble Clef / Music Notes Sports Bottle

    Bass Guitar Player Flea Figurine

    Bass Guitar Gift Idea - Flea Figurine (no, not that Flea)

    Miniature Trumpet Figurine

    Miniature Trumpet on Stand, doubles as a trophy or congratulatory gift for band or music students.
    - Admin

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Buy Music Gifts for the Musician in your life. Need a birthday or Christmas gift idea for your bandmates? Drum Bum can fix you up!

    Music Gifts

    Flute Player Figurine

    Flute Figurine, Gift for Band Player

    Guitar Necklace

    If you're looking for a music gift that is over and above the average gift, this is the perfect choice. A true work of art, this unique pendant will be the hit and forever a conversation piece aligning itself with the musician's passion. Great for birthday or as a Christmas gift.

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    Cool Re: Music Gifts

    Music Note Journal

    A music note journal which is perfect for writing down your work or maybe use it as a journal or diary.

    Treble Clef Bracelet

    The Treble Clef Bracelet is a gorgeous way to dress up your outfit for any occasion!

    Music Scene Bow Tie

    Need to dress up for a special even or occasion? Add the Music Scene Bow Tie to show off your love of music!

    Music Note Umbrella

    -Singing in the Rain! This handy music note umbrella also comes in white!

    Check out the new additions to our Gifts for Musicians inventory! These awesome new additions make great gifts for any occasion!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Music Gifts
    Since 1999, Drum Bum has been offering up exciting and unique gifts for not only drummers but
    guitar players, piano players and musicians everywhere, playing all instruments. From the bass clarinet
    to the french horn and even a stringed viola, you'll find something fun and different for gift giving.

    Guitar Salad Servers

    The coolest and most unique salad servers in the world... for musicians anyway.
    This would make a great gift for the guitar player in your life. Perfect for every occasion
    but especially as a housewarming gift.

    Music Themed Chopping Board

    This is one of my personal favorites. Perfect for anyone who loves music puns or just a good pun in general.
    A play on two words simultaneously, Chopin was a musical master and historical music genius but apparently got bored now and then [grin].
    Pull out your 'chopping board' when you need to dice up some onions or peppers!

    Music Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Music note salt and pepper shakers. Shake, rattle and roll. A great gift for the musician in your life whether it be for birthday,
    Christmas or housewarming gift.

    These fun and unique gifts are perfect for any occasion!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Treble Clef and 8th Note Bracelet

    The treble clef and 8th note bracelet adds a touch of class for your formal event or occasion! One of our favorite designs in music jewelry.
    If you need a birthday gift idea or something to give your favorite musician for Christmas, this would make a nice choice!

    Multi Tool for Guitar/Bass

    Need to make a quick adjustment or fix? The multi tool for guitar/bass is your go to! This handy tool is great gift for any occasion for the guitar or bass player in your life.

    Rock Bottom Boxers

    Want unique boxers? The Rock Bottom Boxers are just for you. A fun play on words and a terrific and cool music gift idea!
    Watch them smile when they open this gift.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Keith Moon Poster

    If you're a fan of Keith Moon, you will love the Keith Moon Poster! Hang it in your bedroom, den, studio or maybe
    at the office. These are one of a kind prints of paintings by a renowned artist specializing in musician artwork.

    Cat Drummer

    Want something a little odd and out of the ordinary? Check out the Cat Drummer! He's one cool cat!
    Made of solid metal.

    World Drum Keychains

    Need key chains? Want small party favors? World Drum Keychains are the answer! Each keychain has a unique design on top!
    No two are the same!

    Embroidered French Horn T-shirt

    This is not a shirt you see everyday, so you are sure to stand out. Calling French Horn players everywhere!! You all need the Embroidered French Horn T-shirt to show off your musical passion and talent!!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Washboard Tie

    That's one crazy tie! ... and a one of a kind gift idea for the percussionist in your life.

    Drum Rudiment Mouse Pad

    A rudiment mouse pad that also functions as a practice pad for drummers! Practice your drum rudiments
    while you work with the Drum Rudiment Mouse Pad!

    DrumBum Logo Hoodie

    Stay warm this winter with the DrumBum Logo Hoodie!

    Got Music? Hat

    Got Music? No, really. Do you have it? Show it off with the Got Music? Hat!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Treble Clef Beanie

    Keep your head and ears warm with the treble clef beanie! This is the perfect beanie to give for the musician in your life that you'd like to see keep warm!

    Music Notes Latte Mug

    Music lover? Warm beverage lover? The music notes latte mug is the perfect combination for you.

    Skeleton Guitar Player

    He died, but his music didn't. The skeleton guitar player is a fun and unique figurine to give to the guitar player in your life.

    Smurf Snare Drum Player

    Holy Smurf! Its a smurf snare drum player!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Keyboard Wall Clock

    Add the keyboard wall clock to your music room!

    Flute Coin Purse

    Play the flute? Know someone who does? Are you tired of digging for change? We have the solution!! The Flute Coin Purse!

    Rhythm in wine glass

    There is nothing better than wine with your music... or is it music with your wine? I don't know. Either way, the rhythm in wine glass is really cute and a great gift for any occasion.

    Tuba Keychain

    Tubas are cool, right? Tuba players are even cooler! Give your favorite tuba player their very own tuba keychain! (Its only a replica, so don't get too excited. You can't play it... you ole tuba player you!)
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Guitar Christmas Ornaments

    You can't go wrong with Christmas tree ornaments. They always make a nice gift for Christmas time.
    A wonderfully inexpensive gift that will bring a smile to the face of your favorite guitar player.

    Music Notes Charm Bracelet

    A wonderful piece of music jewelry. This music notes bracelet features treble clefs and eighth notes
    dangling from a chain. As music gifts go, this would make a great choice for birthday, Christmas or
    just to show appreciation for your favorite musician or music teacher.

    Treble Clef and Cross necklace

    If you're looking for a Christian themed musical gift, this treble clef necklace might just be the perfect
    item. It features a small Christian cross in the center of the clef. A nice piece of music jewelry!

    Violin Air Freshener

    Need a violin gift for the violin or fiddle player in your life. Here's a cool little air freshener for their
    car. If you're on a budget and need an inexpensive gift idea, this would make a nice choice.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Piano Art Print

    Give the piano player in your life or you know... yourself the Piano Art Print. This is a great decor piece for your home or business!

    Guitar Plaque

    This has really cool lettering! Every guitar player should have the guitar plaque! Hang it on your wall, put it on your desk... it's great anywhere really.

    Saxophone Parking Sign

    Saxophone players need parking too. Give them their very own Saxophone Parking Sign... for a car not their sax.

    Piano Pencil Cases

    Go back to school in style with piano pencil cases!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Black Music Notes Umbrella

    This is one of my favorites! Every musician should have the black music notes umbrella. Who doesn't want to sing in the rain?

    Violin Magnet

    Instrument magnets are really cool. That makes the violin magnet a must have!

    Electric Guitar Switch Plate

    You gotta decorate your music room. You can't have a plain ole boring music room. Decorate your music room with the electric guitar switch plate!

    Saxophone Picture Frame

    I'm sure you have a picture of the sax player in your you can frame it with the saxophone picture frame!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Got Music? Travel Mug

    Take your love of music with you on the road with the Got Music? Travel Mug and even better... you'll keep your drink hot or cold!

    Drumsticks Photo Set

    This fun set is a great play on words! Decorate your home or business with the fun and unique drumsticks photo set.

    Music Note Boxers

    Sleep in musical style with the music note boxers

    Zildjian Sweatpants

    Show off your favorite brand in comfort with the Zildjian Sweatpants!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Gold Drumset Tie

    Drummers can look nice too! Dress up with the gold drumset tie!

    Piano Keys Beanie

    Another way to keep warm this winter. This time...its for your keyboard or piano player! Stay warm with the piano keys beanie.

    Rock Band Drumstick Keychains

    These Rock Band Drumstick Keychains are an awesome gift idea!

    Make your own ukulele kit

    If you're into the DIY movement you can make your own ukulele with the make your own ukulele kit!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Toca salt and pepper shakers

    Add some flare to your dinner table with the toca salt and pepper shakers

    Peace Love Rock Pillow

    Decorate with the peace love rock pillow! This is a great piece for any room!

    Music Notes Votive Candle

    The Music Notes Votive Candle is a great gift idea for any occasion!

    Brake for drummers license plate holder

    We only brake for drummers here at DrumBum! Let those drummers know you're one of them with the Brake for drummers license plate holder!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Beato Drum Bags Set

    You have a lot of drums to carry around? Here are a lot of bags to carry them around in. The Beato Drum Bags Set will make your life easier.

    Treble Clef Cell Phone Charm

    Decorate your boring cell phone case with the treble clef cell phone charm!

    Electric Guitar Bottle Stopper

    Drink wine? Play guitar? You need the electric guitar bottle stopper.

    Bead Drumset Ornament

    Another decoration for your Christmas tree or Festivus Pole! This one is handmade! Decorate your chosen holiday piece with the bead drumset ornament.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    3D Grand Piano Greeting Card

    A grand piano in 3D! Send the perfect greeting with the 3D Grand Piano Greeting Card!

    Jerry Garcia Print

    Music Soothes the Soul Sign

    Music soothes the soul sign. If you're looking for music gifts, this unique musician's sign is perfect.
    Small and inexpensive, it makes a unique gift idea for birthday, Christmas or any special music occasion.

    Old Guitarist Poster

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Fish Castanets

    Blast Beats Drum Book

    G Clef Accessory Pouch

    Colorful Drum Mallets

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Default Re: Music Gifts

    Sheet Music Placemat Set

    Dress up your table setting with the Sheet Music Placemat Set! This set includes 4 placemats and 4 coasters!

    Keyboard Earrings

    Know someone who is crazy about the piano? Get them the perfect gift for any occasion with the Keyboard Earrings! These will surely stand out in a crowd and show off your love or their love of the piano!

    Music Note Pencil Cup

    Keep your work/home/school desk organized and show off your love of music at the same time with the Music Note Pencil Cup! This cup features slots at the top and room enough for scissors!

    Bassoon Mug

    I don't know any people who play bassoon, but if I did I would give them the awesome music gift of the Bassoon Mug. I mean, they have to love playing it, right?
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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