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    The world was introduced to John Henry Bonham with the song “ good times bad times”. Bear in mind, he was only 19 years old. Not only is his playing amazing but so is the creativity of how he came up with that groove in the first place. I love when drummers say, “ i can play that, its not that hard”. The point is, he had the creative ability to come up with that groove in the first place. Most musicians are great at copying but not very good at coming up with their own stuff from scratch. .
    I agree, anyone can be a copycat, (thats what I do) but to come up with that stuff on your own and have hit after hit?? Pfttt that's a whole different level that most never achieve. Stan Lynch immediately comes to mind.
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    If anyone hasn't listened to this yet lay back and enjoy the feast. No video yeah! Brings back the good ol days of LP's and headphones.
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    That one drummer showing the Bonham licks (Brian Tichy) hosts the Bonzo bash every year which showcases a bunch of drummers playing Zeppelin songs on an exact replica of bonhams set. Very cool.
    Anyone know anything about Brian Tichy? Seems like a very good player.

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