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    I just recently got one, I've never had a ride before and I don't think I'm really using it right. What sort of purpose should it be applied for in metal?

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    well i dont even have a ride myself yet, but I beleive from what I hear in music you use the bell for really powerfull guitar riffs (just guessing) and the ride it self you use for a different part of the song (not sure what part it is though) I think most of it is just feel though.

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    I'm guessing a slow steady beat, like quarter notes or eighth notes for choruses and stuff.
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    a ride cymbal is typically used for comping/time keeping. the same as a hi hat. it can be played with the tip of the stick or the shoulder, on the bell or bow. most are not made for crashing yet some serve that purpose pretty well such as the zil. sweet ride.

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    Its a hi hat. Only it rings and its big! and the bell sounds wicked :> :P

    Just use it. Mix it up in what ya do. It will come to ya
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    yeah... I'm getting it now

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