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    Here is a little review that might help some people in there choosing the direction to take when taking the dive into in ear monitors .
    I have been a avid user of in ears for the past 9 years and have found the benefits of using them are indeed worth the outlay. Some of the benefits are
    1. Lower stage sound
    2. Greater control of your mix
    3. Less risk of feedback
    4. Hearing protection when used properly
    5. Less to carry around
    A little back ground in my use of in ears
    Back man moons ago I dropped myself right into the deep end when getting into IEM , I was in the USA and got myself a set of UE7pro IEM for 900 odd bucks at the time fully custom molded triple drivers and a shure PSM600 wireless set up. A massive investment in money at the time and I can say now that this is not the way you should do it. IEMs are for everybody and I could have well flushed 2k down the drain if it didn't work out. But in the end I loved in ears so the investment paid off with 9 years of great use.
    Fast forward to this year.
    After having a 2 year break from playing I decided to get back into drumming and after finding out my UE7pros had drivers in them not working and after 3 ear ops my right inear didn't seal properly so I was up for a new set.
    I decided not to get another custom molded set for a few reasons
    I just don't play enough anymore to justify the outlay.
    With my ongoing saga of inner ear infection that may require another ear canal altering operation rending a new set of custom mods useless ( in ears rely heavily on a great seal to reproduce bass) .
    So decided on what they call a universal fit set.
    I looked at alot of reviews on the web and in the end due to the availability of a custom molded sleeve being available for it I decided on the Shure SE535 triple driver in ears . Shures top of the range in ear.
    The pros for this set are
    Triple drivers with duel low drivers a must for a drummer for the powerful reproduction of bass.
    A custom mold sleeve made buy sensaphonic available making them more like fully custom molded in ears for a very competitive price allowing me to just buy a new sleeve if I require it in the future.
    Also resale value will be great due to the fact there not made to fit just your ear you can remove the custom sleeve buy some new sleeves and sell them , where full custom molds are useless to anyone but yourself so resale is non existent.
    Ok so onto the review
    The packaging
    As with all things shure it is packed very nicely in a retail hang sell box with a fold out front with more info on it

    What's inside
    Well you get all the instructions a nice zip up carry case , a 6.5mm to 3.5mm converter a inline volume control and a bunch of different sleeves some foam some rubber and enough choice for nearly anyone to find a nice comfortable seal.

    Sound test
    Now after Playing around wih different sleeves for some time and finding a good seal i started the sound test . I played alot of different types of music and in the end came to the conclusion that they have a very flat response except for a peak in the mids . which i found I didnít like . if i was a singer they would be spot on out of the box . But i also know that once i get some custom sleeves made the bass response would be brought up to the level of the mids .
    But i also just pulled a little 2.5 k out of the mix and found it to my liking. As for head room these IEMs will go all the way up to brain melting volumes they really rock your world when used with a good (Mine is DOD) headphone amp with clean undistorted power. And as it gets louder the bass just gets bigger and bigger. The Tops are crystal clear and shimmer brightly. So Out of the Box i wasnít impressed but with a little tweaking im starting to like the sound. The isolation they provid is also top notch cutting out alot of the outside world. There is also the break in period where the speakers settle to come so im hoping the mids will settled down some in the next week or 2
    I really like the amount of different sleeves you get with the SE535 SHure really didnít skimp when it came to this must have part of the IEM giving enough options for anyone to find a good fit and seal . The body sits flush to the inside of your ear which would make waring them in bed quite easy . They are also equipped with memory cable that can be shaped to fit back over your head and keeps the shape making these one of the best fitting universal in ears i have ever used. I played 3 45min sets on the weekend and not once did they fall out
    Fit and finish
    Well in true Shure style the finish on the IE is first class with the bronze colour sprayed onto the inside of a clear case (will never rub off) with no high seams to cause aggravation while wearing them for long periods of time. And the biggest thing for me is Shures range of IEM now come with detachable wires. This was the feature that made me buy them. Because with use all IEMs cables will fail and they usually fail right at the connection to the ear piece and if your IEM do not have replaceable cables and your out of warranty your pretty much out of luck. With the new shure range its as easy as carrying a spare set of leads and if they fail a 2 second replacement and your back in business
    In Short and wraping up
    Shure SE535
    PROS, Fit and finish, replaceable cables , amount of sleeves in the box ,Volume
    Cons , the mid range peak in the curve
    Hope this helps you guys if your deciding to go the IEM route
    MY KIT
    13, hanging toms,16 ,18 floor toms,24 Kick, 14x5.5 snare,
    Paiste 2002 ,22 big beat , 18 med , 18 crash , 16 crash , 18 china , 14 sound edge hats

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    Default Re: Shure Se535 In Ear Monitors

    Reserved For Sensaphonics Custom sleeve review when i get them
    MY KIT
    13, hanging toms,16 ,18 floor toms,24 Kick, 14x5.5 snare,
    Paiste 2002 ,22 big beat , 18 med , 18 crash , 16 crash , 18 china , 14 sound edge hats

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    Default Re: Shure Se535 In Ear Monitors

    I love my SE535 IEM set up as well. I had an audiologist friend of mine make up custom moulds of my ear canals that these just attatch to. Those set me back $100 in addition to the price of the SE535's. Well worth the money. I play out almost every weekend from small venues to large festivals and the sensitivity and range of the Shure triple drivers has me hearing every other part of the music. Using IEM has saved my hearing, I believe.

    Good review.
    PDP MX Series Drums, Zildjian A Custom cymbals, Tama Simon Phillips Gladiator Signature snare, Roc-N-Soc throne.

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