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    Hey guys hope all is well!
    Was wondering if I could get some drumming assistance
    So I have decided to do my final year of study in Scotland and one of the modules is 'Advanced Performance Recital'.

    After considering this module I have decided to look at 'The Jazz Drummer as an artist' were I hope to emulate solos from great jazz drummers form the past.

    So far I have explored the internet and found transcriptions for some of the following solos. As much as i would love to spend time working out the solos myself I physically do not have the time with all the other modules I am partaking in.

    Max Roach For Big Sid (solo)
    The drum also waltzes (solo)
    Hi Hat solo (solo)

    Frankie Dunlop I mean you drum solo (1950s Thelonious Monk)

    Philly Joe Jones Pot Luck solo
    Four (Miles Davis)

    Joe Morello Take 5

    Tony Williams Seven Steps to Heaven

    Buddy Rich Not so quiet please
    The Trombone Man is the best man in the band

    So I would be very grateful to pick your brains for any further jazz solos, possible drummers and transcriptions that you guys know about.

    Thanks for your time


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    Default Re: Early Jazz Solo Transcriptions

    Just curious, you're sure the version of "Four" you picked has Philly Joe Jones and not Art Blakey?

    But, "Salt Peanuts" off of Jazz at Massey Hall with Max Roach is killer. Another good one would be the same tune, but with Philly Joe Jones. Pretty much ANY Max Roach would be perfect.

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