First off, I would like to thank drummer and everyone else who backed this idea!(:

Here's my review:
This album, is most definitely, in my opinion, album of the year! 130 on Top 200, 24 on US Indie, and #1 on US Heat! Beautifully mixed/mastered album thanks to Chango Studios in Florida. Lyrically, this whole album has engraved it's special place in my heart. It's almost as if my life story was written in someone else's words. Along with a strong vocal lead, instrumentally, I was blown away, specifically drums (Jake Garland), his variations of fills and odd time beats inspired me to take a new route in my own playing. This is not by any means the greatest album review.. but all I can do is brag about how amazing I think this record is! I suggest anyone into post-hardcore music, even just a little bit.. GIVE IT A LISTEN!