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Thread: Junior band & Convert band. Any tips?

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    Default Junior band & Concert band. Any tips?

    As required by my music course, I need to either a) Join junior band or b) prepare a presentation on classical or romantic era composers

    I personally, think that opting with b) is boring. So I am joining junior band. In the class I play trombone, but for junior band, my music teacher acknowledges that I have a love of all things percussion so she let me play percussion. (Also consider that there is only three percussionists and seven trombone player) I would assume I'll be doing snare, but at their last performance I notice there was no timpani (roto toms :P) player, no suspended cymbals, and just one bass drum, that was barely heard. (there was also no marimba or any other key- percussion instruments, despite the fact that there is a glockenspiel, marimba, and xylophone in the music room storage, as well as the parts to these instruments for all the songs they rehearse)

    Anyways, I have never really gotten into any kind of percussion that didn't involve a full kit, so does anyone have any advice or tips, for "rudimentary" playing? I mean I know the basic rudiments (variations of the paraddidle, flams, doubles, and singles) but any other advice? Particularly for smooth sounding rolls :P
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