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    Currently I play drums down in the basement and 3 of the walls are block walls and the other is stud framing with drywall on both sides and Roxul insulation in the middle. Id like to do something to the walls to stop the sound from bounding right back at me. The room seems to accentuate all the higher tones of the kit and id like to try and balance it out a bit. What can i do to the walls to try and make the sound in the room better?

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    I think i've got just what you're looking for. You can thank Russ for turning me on to this. Look up Audimute accoustic wall treatments. They're like moving blankets, but theyre designed to be hung from the wall to deaden the room.

    They come in a variety of sizes, and are very reasonably priced. I've heard the clips arent really worth bothering with. I just nailed mine to the wall... They're designed for exactly what you want, and they work brilliantly.

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    Go to a thrift some used bed sheets. Probably cost you around 2-3 bucks for each.

    They hang easily using simple thumb tacks-(even duck tape for the brick wall) and are easy to wash if and when needed.

    (I always pick up black ones as they make good covers for gear or stuff that you want to hide or cover up at nicer gigs...I get some strange looks for the cashiers when I do this.)
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