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Thread: using rudiments in set drumming

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    OK I've got most of the rudiments down at a moderate tempo, I've fooled around a little with paradiddles around the set. The Genre I'm most interested in playing in (beside Contemporary Christian which incorporates a wide variety of styles) is Jazz, or Jazz Rock type stuff. Which rudiments are most usefull to incorporate (if any) into these styles of playing? Do you use them mostly in fills and solos, if at all. I don't regret learning them, since they've been great for developing coordination and speed, but what can you do with them on the set?

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    Start with a simple paradiddle and play it around the kit. For example; take the single R and L and put it on the toms while playing the rest on the snare. Work this up to speed and then create other ways to move the paradiddle around the drumset. Spend a lot of time on each idea that you like so that you commit it to muscle memory.
    - Tom

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    Learn to swap hands on the snare when you get it down a bit.

    Your left hand doesnt always have to sit on the snare. Generally on a standard 5 piece you can only get to the first tom without crossing your arms. I dont think its good to cross your arms when you fill???
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