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    Looking to purchase a Pearl Free Floating Brass Shell drum. The ID # 857129 when I look for general info on the Pearl site it takes me everywhere but where I need to be.
    Is there a Pearl Guru on here who can drop a link my way or have some info on this drum? I appreciate any help, Doc

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    Welcome to Drum Chat doctor dirt!

    I have a couple of Pearl Free Floating snares (14X3 with maple and brass shells, and 14X5 with a maple shell). I can't say that I've ever seen anything about the Free Floating snares listed by ID number on Pearl's site. Have you tried contacting them - either by phone, or email - with your ID number. They might be able to give you some information that way.
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    Where did you find this serial number? Is it posted with the snare for sale and you're trying to authenticate it? I don't recall any other manufacturer of free floaters although I could be wrong....
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