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    Doctor Gifts

    Without doctors, what would we do? They study for years in school and they work hard to keep up with the latest medical advances to keep us healthy. If you have a doctor in your life and you need a gift idea, consider for Doctor Gifts.

    Don't know what to get for your physician? Start with the many types. You've got general practitioners, neurologists, cardiologists, dermatologists and so on. You've got the eye doctors, otherwise known as optometrists. Then you've got the mental health fields like psychologists and psychiatrists. Knowing the type of doctor will help you focus in on what might make the most appropriate gift. Oh, and don't forget the nurses. Nurses need love too! features several nurse gift ideas as well. Wait til you see the new doctor/nurse kissing salt and pepper shakers.

    Some ideas for doctor gifts are things for their office. How about a business card holder or a personalized sign or plaque? There are also doctor themed nightlights with attractive designs that would be great for the patient waiting rooms in a dark corner. There are watches, figurines, porcelain boxes, cufflinks and more. One cute gift idea is the scrubs uniform Christmas tree ornament. Really cute! Our personal favorite however is the doctor and nurse kissing salt and pepper shakers.

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    Doctor Gifts

    Remember your doctor at Christmas time. You may want to show your appreciation by giving them a thoughtful gift. More gift ideas are personalized business card cases, medical charms ( perhaps with a caduceus symbol), an engraved plaque for their desk or a nice pen and pencil set. When people think of doctors, they often first think of the stethoscope. Well, their are theme products with the stethoscope such as ties and cufflinks. You may decide that it's too predictable. In that case, maybe just get them a nice mug or something for their office like doctor-themed stationery or an elegant paperweight or even heavy-duty bookends. One of our favorite products to come on the market lately is the new patent art collection. They took old patents like the stethoscope and other medical devices and put them as prints in a nice frame. This would compliment any doctor's office wall.
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