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    Can anyone recommend an internet based drumming course, or set of DVDs for tuition for a beginning drummer?

    I've been to 3 teachers where I live (Glasgow, Scotland) and while all of them can play, none of them can teach and I'm becoming dispirited.

    And I'm not just giving an opinion here. I did a degree where I specialised in learning theory and went on to train and work as a school teacher myself for a couple of years, so I do know how it should be done.

    My plan now is to learn as much as I can myself and go to a teacher occasionally to get my technique checked out and any faults corrected.

    I'd be grateful for any feedback.



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    Paul, you don't need a course. You just need one DVD to get started. I mentioned this one... ...but there are many on the market. Just buy one and dive in. It will be all downhill from there.
    - Tom

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    Thanks for putting that one up there again, Drummer. I put it up on my favorites list so that I can reference it later. I started taking lessons a few week back, but my teacher had back surgery, and so the store owner took over. The problem that I see is that there is no sense of systematic teaching technique. One guy taught me basic rudiments, while the other guy got me going on bass rythms. I liked the bass rythms, but I am a bit concerned about the lack of continuity. There might be a disconnect between great drummers (both of my teachers are long time, very good drummers), and great teachers. I guess I'll find out.

    If things don't work out for me at the music store, I think I'll get the DVD.
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    Yeah drummer has it. You need somethin to show you new things. Not lessons on what you have to do. Soon as you get told to do stuff and get wrapped on the knuckles. You wont wanna do it.

    I would prolly say soon as your off a teacher dont go back.... If you started without one dont bother. Just teach yourself. It works better because your more comfortable with what you can do :>

    Maybe getting yoruself into a band could help influence you too. Even just a small jam band for fun :>
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    Stevo, the cool thing is that my brother, a former drummer, just took up the bass guitar. He's really excited about it, and we've already jammed together once, just sort of feeling each other out as we went. It was very cool, and we're both looking forward to jamming again tomorrow, because we've both learned so much since our last session. I really think that this is helping both of us.

    As to the teacher, yes, if I continue to feel that the lessons lack direction, and structure, then I will conclude that these guys are great drummers, but not necessarily teachers, and I'll quit.

    Drummer, I know you're a drum teacher, so please tell me if I'm being too harsh here, because I do want to be fair. Maybe this is simply because I am at the beginning of my lessons, and they're still feeling out where I am in my ability. I do know that part of it is that I am a pastor, and my main teacher is a relatively new Christian, so he talks to me about his faith quite a bit (not that I'm complaining), so a half an hour lesson usually goes for an hour or more.
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