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    Hey guys, I ordered my grade 4 rockschool book around a month ago now. It got lost and they've assured me a replacement is on the way but I'm growing impatient.

    Does anyone know where I can download legally (if it is legal to do so) all the sheet music from the grade 4 rockschool book, and aswell the music if possible.

    Thanks alot,


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    Probably not cause if you had to order one that mean you had to pay for it right. Something you pay for especially a book cannot be downloaded unless you bought the PDF version. You will have to be patient and wait for it to arrive.

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    I would think if there's a dvd of this, it would show the music that way as well. If the company put it into the book, chances are they intended the music to be seen that way and not available via a pirated PDF file. Unless the creator made it and arranged for it to be commercially available, downloading the work is technically illegal.
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    Actually, if you own the book, and can provide proof of ownership aka a receipt, you can download an e copy as a "back up".
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