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    Jeff Martin

    Drummer: Jeff Martin
    Main Style: Rock/Hard Rock/Metal
    Main Band: Badlands, Blindside Blues, Red Sea

    Brief Summary: Jeff Martin is a singer and drummer who has sung for the bands Surgical Steel, Racer X, Leatherwolf, and played drums for Badlands, Blindside Blues Band, and RedSea.

    He has also played drums for Paul Gilbert, George Lynch, Michael Schenker, Dokken and P.K. Mitchell. He played drums in Surgical Steel before switching to lead vocals.
    Jeff Martin released a 2006 solo album entitled The Fool, featuring the guitar talents of Paul Gilbert and Michael Schenker.
    He has also sung backing vocals for Judas Priest and The Scream.

    Jeff did an awesome job on drums and wow, what a killer singer to boot!!

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    Jeff is such a tight killer drummer in this video who plays with FEEL.
    Although Ray Gillen is an awesome singer in Badlands, Jeff is definitely no slouch of a singer either. Just check out his vocals in Racer X!!

    He even does a nice little drum solo here.

    [ame=""]Badlands play 'Devils stomp' live!! - YouTube[/ame]

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