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    have to convert my live kit in to electronic using mesh heads and drum triggers any body have any suggestions as to which type of trigger will get me the best bang for buck ?

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    Roland or Hart Dynamics would be my suggestion - the cheaper you go the less responsive or the more sensitive (and not in a good way) they become. Also, as far as the actual mesh heads themselves are concerned, from what I've been able to find out Hart Dynamics mesh heads are the absolute best - feel the most natural (even above the Rolands) and are the quietest (for recording purposes)

    Mind you though, heads and triggers are only one part of the equation - the drum module is probably the most important (maybe equal to the actual trigger pad itself) as this is what controls the quality of the sample you will hear - and in this instance you can't go past Roland - TD10 and up. TD20 is best of course, but TD12 and TD10 have same quality samples, just less features. So it depends on your application, same as with the types and quality of heads and trigger/sensors you will need.

    Will you need dual triggers? Is this for live stuff or recording or both? Do you use a double pedal? Take all these things into account when choosing what to buy and as much as possible try before you buy - if your local music stor has only a limited range of stuff, try and find somewhere that has a bigger range (might be able to get a better deal this way too)

    Hope any of that helped, if it didn't, then at least I am adding to my number of posts. Yay me!
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