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    Cool regular stuff

    I love it when regular stuff that we take for granted is challenging because we don't focus enough on basics.
    Disclaimer, this topic is based on the fact that the majority of us are right-handed. you lefties or ambies just chill!
    OK, so we all have a weak side, left or right.
    we tend to always play alternating 16ths leading with our right. ie Rlrl Rlrl Rlrl Rlrl. In turn this make our natural lead hand for drumset the right hand. Making right-handed 8th notes really happening.
    however. you ever just sit while listening to a sang and play 16ths leading with your left hand. the entire song. Yeah, I suck! LOL
    oh and i also noticed, when it comes to sing-stroke rolls, we are great at slammin out thinking about our right. mmm hmm. yeah, left hand lead. it can be a beast
    DW, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Remo

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    Practice, Practice, Practice and More Pratice...........
    "You can never legislate stupidity, because there is no power in this world that can prevent it."-My Dad after watching his golf partner trying to hit a ball through a grove of trees.

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    jazzkat, you are completely right! lol

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    Default Re: regular stuff leading with your off-hand

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