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    Anybody ever use these for the marching bass drums?
    I was hoping these would make a nice system for indoor lines.
    Ideas? Thoughts?


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    I've tried one on my Vistalite bass drum and didn't like it. I've bought one to try out for an 18" bass too and they're both in storage. I haven't tried removing any of the foam as an option and with the ring in place, made it somewhat difficult for the hoop to fit back on properly (almost and in some cases needing longer tension rods)...just my experience but haven't experimented enough maybe? I'm curious too of anyone else's trials.

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    Use to use those on my drums in the late eighties / early nineties.....gave you that classic rock "dead" tom sound

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    I've used those for one of the schools I've worked with. With some proper tuning, it makes your regular 5-drum bass line sound pretty nice. I wouldn't at all suggest them for a drum set as it'd kill it way too much, but for marching drums I dig them. I'd think they'd especially work well with indoor where you really want a lot of that attack and the sustain isn't really a variable.
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    They work great on my kit(longtime user and recommendor of them). Never tried them on a marching drum, but i've noticed they work real well for ringy/boomy sounds and overtones. You can actually opt to get less dampening if you take off the felt ring and just use the plastic tray. It's a very useful accessory which offers you multiple sounds for not too much money.
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