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Thread: Marching Sheet Music?

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    Hey Guys!

    I've been looking around for a website that has FREE marching band music. Particularly snare music. I really want to find a good challenge for myself, so I can improve my playing! So if you guys know of any websites with FREE (free) Marching Snare music, I would love to have the links! (free)

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    Have you looked at Cassidybyars website? There's a dedicated section for various levels of drumline sheet music for free download.
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    There is a transcription page on the snarescience forum that has just SO much DCI and WGI show music and warm ups. That's where I get almost everything. If you can find that page, you'll be set for months.
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    marching sheet music ?????????????? i didnt know sheet music could march ......

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    The Rudimental Cookbook by Edward Freytag is available at almost any sheet music store and has soloss and exercises from beginner to very advanced... it's also under $20 for the whole book. Both of Jay Wanamaker's books sell for under $10 each. It's not like this stuff is a fortune. Spend a little dough and support the guys who write it.

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    This, I believe has some great stuff.

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