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Thread: combo slide-to-heel-toe?

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    I was practicing my single pedal bass work this morning, and I realized it might be possible to do quick quadruples by combing a slide technique for the first two hits into a heel-toe for the second two. It seems to work -- in theory at least -- because your foot position ends up high on the pedal after the second hit (after the slide) and then the "heel" (actually ball of the foot) strike helps to re-position the foot lower down on the pedal, thereby setting your foot up for the final toe hit. Right now, I can't do it quickly at all, and I have trouble not adding an extra pause in between the slide hits and the heel-toe hits. I'm trying to figure out whether my "theory" is a sound one, so that I know whether to invest practice time in trying to get better and faster at this. Does anyone out there do quadruples this way on a single pedal? Does it work well once you have it down?
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    I imagine if you could pull this off, it would be pretty killer. I'm wondering though if you could get the pause from the slide to the heel toe small enough to not cause it to be choppy. That seems like it would be the biggest thing. You probably could wind up with some pretty fast doubles with the single pedal ( two tom hits, two bass hits ).

    Anyways, good luck with that! I'll have to maybe try this out too. Lol

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