Man- I practice and practice and practice 3-5 nights a week on a pad while watching TV, sometimes for an hour or even 2 ( I also spend an hour or 2 at the kit every 2nd night before the TV/ pad training routine ) . I can get no consistency from my left hand in doubles.

I actually have all sorts of trouble getting the whole 'grip' thing right.
If I have my hands tilted upward ( so my thumb is right up on top ) I can do doubles , triplets and quads at good speeds ( on the pad ) by 'pinching' the stick between thumb and pointer and just using bounce ( not using my other fingers too much at all ). The second I turn my hands inwards in the slightest ( so the thumbs at around 45 degrees) then it completely falls apart and unless I start a whipping type motion then I can't get decent speed.

My left hand cant 'whip' at all, I broke my left arm as a kid and I am unsure whether this has had any lingering effect?

Anyway - no matter how good I get on the pad, when I take to the kit/ snare it is completely different and I seem to really struggle to get the left going at all - I relax and it is like my hand just doesnt want to work at the kit. At the kit I kind of forget all about how my hands are as I am concentrating on rythyms, patterns, counts etc.

Even simple beats that have a few ghost notes in them , the ghost notes are pathetic and inconsistent.

I am trying so bloody hard and seemingly getting nowhere. I try being totally relaxed, I try tensing just a little. I try medium pace , fast pace, slow pace any F**ckin pace and after a few months I am NOT improving.



( a frustrated ) Wotto