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    So, I have been following this thread since it started.

    About 8 months ago I wanted to be able to record my drums, band practices and gigs. Being inexperienced when it comes to recording, I didn't want to invest in a bunch of expensive equipment nor did I want the hassle of having to cary and set up a bunch of extra stuff. So, I asked around and shopped around and ended up with a Zoom h2n. It is by no means professional but it sounds very nice, has a variety of options for recording and is very portable. It comes with editing software but you can use whatever software you want. All-in-all it accomplished what I wanted. A good recording that was easy to work with and it sparked my interest in learning more.

    So this little recorder allowed me to become familiar with the basics (the very basics) of recording and using the software. Now I'm ready to go a little further and use some mics. It was highly recommended that I get a couple of good condensers, a nice little interface and experiment with mic placement and the software.

    You have to learn to craw before you can walk or run. If I had gone out and bought a bunch of mics and a big interface and the latest software and had little or no knowledge of what I was doing or how to do it, this learning experience may have ended in frustration long ago and I would have all this gear that was barely used that I have to sell and take a loss on. What a waste. Plus, I'm a drummer not an engineer. I want to spend my time playing drums. Working full time and having other hobbies as well as being a family guy, my time is valuable (as I'm sure your's and other's is). I want to have some knowledge about recording but lets face it, there is a lot to know and it takes years to develop the skills and knowledge.

    I also believe in getting decent or good stuff right from the start.

    Rather than getting 7 cheap mics and a cheap interface, why not take the suggestions of people who have been there and done this already and have learned from their mistakes. Get some decent stuff to start with and start slow.
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