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Thread: hand and foot isolation

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    Default hand and foot isolation

    when i'm hitting with my right hand i find it hard to get my right foot isolated and do diffrent beats. what ever my foot does my hand wants to do the same.

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    I know everyone will laugh at me for saying this, because it is the same advice that everyone else uses. I don't claim this advice as my own, but it is very good advice. I started with the basic rock beat - 8th notes on the hi-hat with the bass on 1 & 3, and the snare on 2 & 4. I am learning other bass rhythms now, and I always remember what I learned here. I slow down until I get all the beats correct. Once I do, and I've got the rhythm in my head, then I start speeding it up. Anytime I lose the independence, I slow down again until I get it together. It's working out well, and I have several rhythms that are really ingrained now. I don't even have to think about it. I can just automatically fall into the rhythm.

    I recommend the slowing down approach highly! It really works!
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    X, are you talking about doing 8th on hi hat and 16th's on your foot?

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    I think HARD concentration and HARD practice are in order for you, Xian.

    This is a simple case of your feet and your hands have gotten used to doing the same things as eathover. Heavy constant practice is the only way of breaking this habit.

    Pastor's advice was sound. SLOW is the way to start. And remember that most beats are just the standard rock beat with some slight changes. Think of the rock beat when you are doing a standard 4/4 beat.

    Youd be amazed at how much you can "Recycle". If you have a favorite beat or fill, experiment with it. Do it backwards, throw in accents, ghost notse, rudiments and so on. Youll be amazed at how far one groove or one fill can go. And remember, if you are doing 4/4 you can think of the rockbeat.

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    I try swearing at my limbs...... Play slow. When it does what its not ment to.... I stare at it.... Say WTF are you doing moving foo.... Think the beat i wanna play moving my limbs in my head then play it again slow knowing what im ment to do
    just do that over and over slow.

    /\ like vin said.
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