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    Drum Bum offers...
    Wholesale Drumsticks at Bulk Prices

    If you're looking for cheap drumsticks that won't break the bank, this is it! They're not only great drum practicing sticks, they're perfect for occasions where they might only be used once or twice such as promotional giveaways or vbs craft projects.

    Wholesale Drumsticks in Color

    CALL 1-800-DRUM BUM (1-800-378-6286)

    Drum Bum is a leader in the drum accessories and gift business. We've been providing custom drumsticks for companies and organizations for over 10 years. You can count on our fast and friendly service. Whether you need drumsticks for a corporate event, drum circle or other promotion, we've got you covered. Some like to order blank drumsticks to keep the cost down. Others like to order custom imprinted sticks with a catchy slogan to promote their event. Either way, if you need custom-imprinted sticks or promotional drumsticks, we can take care of you!

    Our Client List

    More on Drumsticks

    If you need the best drumsticks at bulk pricing, give us a ring. We provide personalized service at affordable pricing. Personalize the drumsticks with your logo or company /organization's message. We offer a customized and quality service. If you're looking for where to buy imprinted or engraved drum sticks, you've found it. We have top quality drumsticks for sale at low prices.

    Engraved drum sticks are sticks that are "etched" with a laser machine. The wood is actually ground out. This process is usually more expensive. Imprinted drum sticks are sticks that use a printing process that transfers ink to the wood. This process is significantly cheaper than engraving. Drumsticks can also be embossed but it is not as common. If you need more information, call us at 1-800-378-6286.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

    1-800-DRUM BUM (378-6286)

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    Default Re: Wholesale Drumsticks

    We now offer drumsticks in full color design! 50 pair minimum. Great for bands, corporate events and promotions. They're a little more expensive but with the vibrant, multi-color display, they make a huge impression! You can do just about anything you want these days with drumsticks. We've worked with numerous clients over the last 20 years. Give us a call and let us help you find what you're looking for.

    Wholesale Drumsticks - Full Color

    CALL 1-800-DRUM BUM (1-800-378-6286)

    If you're looking for custom drumsticks, Drum Bum is the place. An industry leader for 20 years, we've got quality drumsticks (most made in the USA) at competitive prices. Give us a call today!

    Custom Drumsticks with your Name / Band Name / Company Logo

    Wholesale Drumsticks

    We can customize drumsticks with imprinting or engraving. Buy in bulk and save big. Drumsticks make great giveaways for promotional events like fairs, car shows, corporate giveaways and more. We have sold drummersticks to companies such as Allstate Insurance, American Greetings, ESPN, Live Nation, Old Navy and more. See our full client list above.

    Get custom logo, printed sticks with your name or company logo on them. Custom made drumsticks at affordable prices. Drum Bum also sells wholesale drumsticks by bulk. If you need promotional drumsticks for a corporate event or giveaway, we can fix you up! Call 1-800-378-6286.

    Do you need cheap, blank drumsticks for special events like VBS (vacation Bible school) crafts or giveaways? Or maybe you'll have them bang a beat on a bucket. If so, you might want cheap drumsticks that your OK with just using once or twice. Save money by buying your drumsticks blank without any logos or branding. When you buy in bulk, you receive discounted drumsticks at a cheap, competitive price. Yep, we've got bulk drumsticks for sale at a cost way less than average retail pricing. Drum Bum has sold tens of thousands of blank drumsticks and personalized drumsticks through the years!

    Drum Bum

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    Default Re: Wholesale Drumsticks

    Wholesale Drumsticks

    Buy wholesale drumsticks for private corporate events, laser engraved drumstick stock and specialty use. Our client list continues to grow. Contact us for general questions about sticks from imprintable options and color choices to turnaround time for custom imprinted sticks.

    CALL 1-800-DRUM BUM (1-800-378-6286)

    We also have custom display cases that hold from 1 to 4 drumsticks.

    Drum Bum is a trusted 20 year brand. Call us today for information on drum sticks or let us know what we can custom make for you.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

    1-800-DRUM BUM (378-6286)

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    Default Re: Wholesale Drumsticks

    Drum Bum is a leader in retail goods, drumming services and even music & drumming promotional products. We have served tens of thousands of customers over the last 20 years and have a reputation for great prices, fast delivery and superior customer service.

    Are you looking for custom imprinted drumsticks with your company name or company brand logo? We can help!
    Whether it be low cost, lightweight promotional drumsticks or quality, brand name drumsticks, we have several imprinting programs that suit your needs. Some retail stores buy them for giveaways as a loss leader to bring in customers. Drummers buy them to throw out to their fans. Other companies big and small buy branded custom sticks to giveaway for promotions. Maybe the theme is "Drumming up Business" or "Rock your Roll". Maybe your slogan is "Drum up Support" or any number of creative ideas for your special event. Whatever your slogan or musical message you want to convey, personalized, custom imprinted sticks will make a huge impression with your clients.

    Let Drum Bum provide a custom quote for you like we have hundreds of other customers through the years. Call us at 1-800-DRUM BUM (378-6286) today!

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    Default Re: Wholesale Drumsticks

    Custom Printed Drumsticks / Wholesale

    Custom imprinted drumsticks for band merchandise tables or promotional giveaways for businesses. Any logo, tag line, catch phrase or signature can go on these sticks. Options include laser engraved sticks, full wrap color, embossed foil stamp imprinting and full color pad printing.

    1 800 DRUM BUM (378-6286)




    Here is a mock-up of a pair of full color, printed drumsticks we did for a drummer who used his signature next to the band logo. He used these to throw out to the crowds but also for the band's merch. table. These can be bought inexpensively in volume and marked up 100% to 500%. A great way to supplement your income!

    - Tom

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