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Thread: Hybrid Bop kit?/Have questions!

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    I'm picking up a Sonor 3007 kit soon. 10" 12" and 16" toms, 22" kick and 14" snare. This will replace my current kit, a lowly Powebeat that's definitely seen its day; never sounded too flash to begin with but it's simply falling apart now, including the shells cracking.

    While I predominantly play heavy metal music, I've been more and more getting into playing jazzy and funky stuff lately. This coupled with me moving my drums outside more and more to play them for a few hours at a time have led me to want a smaller bop kit, both for mucking around on and much easier portability. So, I'm considering ordering a Mapex Meridian Maple 18" kick and 14" floor tom. Since Mapex and Sonor Tom Arms are compatible, I could use the 10" tom from the Sonor and have a 10", 14", 14" and 18" bop kit config. Also, if I wanted, I could add the Mapex floor tom to the Sonor kit for a 2 up 2 down configuration on the larger kit. I'm not stressed about the aesthetic difference. Hardware is not an issue either, between what I have currently and what comes with the Sonor I have enough for both.

    My questions are, since they're both maple, would they sound that much different? Can anyone poke a hole in my planning here, because if so I'd definitely like to hear it, too.
    And, I'd be planning on just playing ride and hats. Can anyone suggest to me a very crashable ride, or even a crash that has good functionality as a ride? I'll test them myself before buying but an indication of a good direction to go in would be great.
    Thanks for reading everyone.

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    Default Re: Hybrid Bop kit?/Have questions!

    I am not familiar with the Sonors, but you might notice a difference based on a few things. Thickness of the shell and type of cut on the bearing edge. I mean consider the difference between a renown and dw. Speaking very generally, Renowns are fat sounding and DW's have more attack, this would be due to the bearing edge cuts (among other things but..).

    So yes, its possible you will see/hear a difference.
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    Default Re: Hybrid Bop kit?/Have questions!

    Ifi you use the same heads on both, you will minimize the difference the bearing edges might cause. It is highly likely that both of these will have 45 degree bearing edges because that is what my Sonor's have and what I have seen on Mapex in the local shop. However, Sonor makes awesome Bop kits, too. Why not stay in the same family?
    I played an 18" kick for many years and highly recommend keeping your port as small as possible. My best sound came from putting 5, 1 inch holes around the reso head instead of one big port. Left the drum empty with a Powerstroke 3 (I think. Getting older.) as a batter. Absolutely loved it.
    Good luck and post pics when you get it set up.
    Here's my last shot of my bop kit as an example of what I'm talking about.
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    Default Re: Hybrid Bop kit?/Have questions!

    I tend to agree with JohnnyG. An example would be my Rogers/Ludwig Classic Maple hybrid set, where my kick and two "floors" (which are really the two largest rack toms I own, a 13x9" and a 14x10") are all Rogers, and my three rack toms (8x6", 10x8" & 12x8") are Ludwig Classics. All these drums are maple, and all toms have clear Ambassador tops and bottoms. Never had a problem mixing these in any combination with any snare I own, and I've been doing this for just on two decades now. All sound great both live and in the studio.
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    Default Re: Hybrid Bop kit?/Have questions!

    I've just made a small kit to practice on in my lounge (at least, until my son moves out in 2 weeks & I can set my full kit up in the attic bedroom again!).
    It uses spare drums/cymbals that are not earmarked for another set-up at the moment:
    14" Kick - Mapex Meridian Maple
    10" snare - Mapex MPX chrome
    8" & 10" Toms - Mapex M Birch
    10" HiHats - 1 x Paiste Alpha Splash & 1 x Zildjian ZXT
    14" Crash/Ride - Paiste RUDE

    It works quite nicely, though I may need to add a 12 or 13" hanging tom to the right which will let me move the RUDE to the right & add a 14" crash.

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