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Thread: Pearl H2000 or Tama Lever Glide/speed Cobra hat stand

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    Pearl makes the most well balanced and feature rich hardware on the market, that i've currently played on. I actually have an eliminator h-2000 hi-hat stand with an unlimited lifetime warranty, should anything ever happen - this is very comforting. It is quite sturdy, it will not move unless you're laying into it too hard, and this is fixed with technique or hardware adjustment. It's also reasonably affordable, in my opinion(although I did get this off ebay for less than retail). Adjustability is what really sold me on it, I can do so much more with this stand than my old pdp 3 leg!

    It was the perfect fit for my double bass kit, made reaching things a lot easier and the kit became that much more playable. I will say this much though, if you're using a hi-hat stand(any stand) on a bad floor which is not nice and flat, you can expect some movement. Although since i'm using a rack, I can ground it via my clamps and certain attachments, which I haven't gotten around to setting up yet.

    I've been a user of Pearl's hardware for almost a decade now and have yet to have a problem with any of their equipment. All my stands, pedals, attachments, clamps and rack are from them. One of my first sets was a Pearl too, so I have a bit of a bias due to sentimental nostalgia I guess. Both stands mentioned are great performers, I don't think you can go wrong with either one you choose. I'm sticking with Pearl though, at least until Mapex starts making racks.
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