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    I'm having trouble getting outside of the basic drum set rhythms. I'm a beast at snare drum and can do anything on one drum. Any advice on where I need to look for ideas on how to branch myself away from the basic crap I'm doing now? Here's an example of me playing if you're interested on where I'm currently at. Notice how basic everything is.
    (This in not meant as spam. I'm genuinely looking to get better at what I do. Your advice is greatly appreciated.)

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    I'll assume your request is legitimate and not a way to spam us with your band video. That said...

    What you are playing in that song is perfectly appropriate for the song. In pop music, the vocal is what's most important, so staying out of the way is the best policy. In terms of expanding your vocabulary on the kit, start by taking the things you play on one surface (i.e. snare) and orchestrate it among multiple drums.

    Example: Take 2 paradiddles and split them up between your snare and floor, then your snare and kick drum, then two toms, etc. Then repeat the process with 3 surfaces, then 4. Do that with various rhythms and rudiments, and in no time you can develop literally thousands of possibilities.

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    Even if you were just spamming us with your band, whatever; I dig this tune a bunch.
    But, yeah; there's nothing wrong with what's going on here. In fact, it's perfect for the song.
    If you want to "branch out" just keep playing, man. I found that it comes quite naturally. Especially if you're in a position where you're writing original music on a regular basis.

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    The question wasn't meant to spam. I failed to mention that after I had read the agreement. I apologize.

    Thanks for the tip about the paradiddles. I just found it intriguing and quite difficult to do for me. Hopefully I'll be able to branch that out into other rudiments as well. I'm hoping the collaboration on this site will help me advance to an outstanding percussionist.

    Thank you

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