Syövereistä is the new EP by Finnish artist Ukri "Uge" Suvilehto's Metal solo project, Suvilehto.

Ukri is more known for his spectacular drumming ability, especially in the area of extreme metal. He currently plays drums for Vermivore, is the ex drummer of several bands including De Liriums Order and The Undivine, and has gained a lot of YouTube popularity for his drum covers of extremely fast and difficult metal songs at a young age; some of the more popular covers include him playing Nile songs at the ages of 15-16. His skill set ranges far beyond extreme metal, however, and his EP shows his spectacular musical diversity, not to mention his skill on a range of instruments; this man can sure shred on a guitar.

Syövereistä is a 3 track, 18 minute EP; "Tajunnan tyhjyydessä", "On vain syövereissä hukkunut todellisuus", and "Haudattua eloa etsien".

The link to his EP on his YouTube channel can be found here:

As a keen follower of Ukri's work, I've been looking forward to this EP since he first mentioned him making it, and it didn't dissapoint. This EP is mindblowing! Syövereistä has a lot to offer, from slow, ominous sections to explosively fast and heavy ones, from intensely complex drumming to spectacular guitar solos. In particular, I was impressed by the second song, On vain syövereissä hukkunut todellisuus... I can safely say that IMO it's one of the best metal songs I've ever heard.
If you're a metal fan, I can highly recommend this EP! Metal at it's finest.

A link to freely download the EP can be found here. It's not illegal distribution or downloading, (and Mods, it isn't advertising!) Ukri himself gave his Facebook followers this link.