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Thread: mesh head combos for a maple acoustic a to e

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    I am converting my 50 year old Ludwigs which I have mentioned here to electronics because of my second floor condo living arrangements and finances, it is a must . Sold the Rolands last week on the bay. Bought all the dual zone triggers which are coming in and wanted to get the heads set up first. I tried a combo of billy blast 3 ply mesh heads on the tops which were supposed to be super quiet, and cheopo mesh pearls on the bottoms and they are way too loud. I tried them loose and tight , loose a little better. I realize they are gonna be louder than my rolands because of the full size shells but there has to be a better combo. The billy blast co .told me to put a coated acoustic head on the bottom instead of the pearl meshes, which I did and it was better but I think I can do better. Any suggestions from experience not guessing , cause guessing about the heads just cost me too much money! Also I have heard about remos products, sound control discs, tone control rings and muffle ring controls . Don't know beans about any of them. So help a brother out!

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    I use the BB 3 ply heads with my a/e kit. I have Evans G1 clear on the bottoms of mine, that's what was on them before, so I didn't bother changing them. My 10" tom is dead quiet other than the sound of the mesh head. My 12 and 14's are louder, I think most of it comes from the pans I used for my triggers. I would think you will need to control the shell, more than the heads to get rid of the unwanted noise, I wouldn't guess the mesh head would push much air to affect the reso head much. Maybe try lining the inner part of the shell with some foam, and see if that kills the sound.

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    thanks what kind of foam are we talking about exactly? I just sent the billy b' ii back only because I got a credit otherwise I would have had to eat them. Way too loud for an e kit for me. I live in a second floor condo so I gotta fix this and I will . I don't give up . ever I am gonna put the black 682 drum meshes on the top and what do you know about the remo products such as Tone control rings I don't even know if they go on the bottom or top of the drum! sound control discs or muffle rings, any experience?

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