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    Hi guys!

    As some of you know, I come from London in the UK. We don't have ANY marching bands or drumline/corps in england. They have a couple in Scotland but I guess they don't share much with us! haha.

    A group of me (on Tenors/Quads), and some university friends decided it would be fun to rent some equipment and give it a go!

    Here's what it turned out like:

    Could have been much better, but okay for a first run! What do you guys recon, should we rehire the stuff for another day and jam some more?

    Kyle! =]

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    Very impressive for not having any experience in marching percussion. You should try to get an indoor marching group together. If you are unsure what exactly indoor percussion is, look up WGI or Indoor Percussion on YouTube. I have a thread in this section also with my high school indoor show from last year (although I was on drum set). But, once again, very impressive for coming from a place where there basically is no marching percussion.
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    Enjoyed the video of you guys. I wish I had done the marching stuff in HS. Probably would be a much better reader and rudiment player if I had done so.

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    I too enjoyed this video..guess what are now the first official Great Britain Drum will go down in history and create a following of younger drummers! good luck becoming teachers
    Enjoy the Music!


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