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    Hey fellow drummers it's my first post here. I recently purchased a Tama Silverstar Metro-Jam because I wanted something small and portable. ( I am a college student and living in a small apartment.) As usual I need to replace the stock heads but I was wondering on your opinion for a head configuration for the whole set. I'm kinda OCD so I like all my heads to be the same company (I'm the same with cymbals/drums/gear). At the moment I am not able to go test out different configuration in person so I am seeking your advice.

    As far as tone is concerned, I play all styles from rock, jazz, country, metal, hip hop, ect. So, I want a good versatile drum heads. A good cracking snare, clear bright toms, and a punchy bass drum with as much low end as possible. The drums are all birch and I use wood tip sticks and a plastic beater on my bd pedal.

    If you could give suggested batter and resonant heads for each drum that would be great. Sizes: 14x16 BD, 6.5x10 TT, 11x13 FT, and 5x12 SD.

    Thanks a lot for your insight guys!

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    BD - EMAD2 batter/EQ3 reso - this combo will give you lots of punch and lots of low end; I use this combo on my drums

    Toms - G2 clear batter/G1 clear reso - the G2s seem to be very versatile heads

    Snare - "lot of crack" has more to do with tuning. You can achieve this with pretty much any combo, but I would suggest either a Genera, Grey Hybrid, or ST Dry batter/Hazy 300 snare side

    All suggestions listed are Evans brand

    Edit: Sorry, I didn't see your drum sizes. With a 12 inch snare, you are pretty much assured good crack. I don't think the EMAD comes in that small of a size but you can get good punch with some proper dampening. With a 16 inch bass drum, I might try a Black Chrome batter with a EC resonant. That I'm not entirely sure about; it's just a guess. Maybe someone else has a better idea for the bass. :/
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    Due to the smaller sizes of your drums I would go with coated over clear ambos all around, with a PS3 batter on your kick.

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    Thanks for the replies. I was already considering a ps3 for the bd but didn't really think of using coated for the toms.

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