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    I have a bad right wrist from a car accident a few years ago. Ive always played match style and cross my right hand over my left to play the hi-hat. Im wondering if I could save myself some stress by learning to play my hi hat and similar parts with my left hand? if so, what is the best way to do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickthedrummer View Post
    +1 practice is the only way.

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    Yep. When I first started, my hands would ache and get fatigued really bad. Just takes time to build up the endurance and muscle strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweatydrooler View Post
    I have a bad right wrist from a car accident a few years ago. Ive always played match style and cross my right hand over my left to play the hi-hat. Im wondering if I could save myself some stress by learning to play my hi hat and similar parts with my left hand? if so, what is the best way to do this?
    If you want to keep leading with the right hand and not cross over to the left side, look into a remote hihat pedals. The DW9250 comes with a "dog-bone" so you can mount it to a cymbal stand. The Pearl RH-2000 does not come with any additional mounting devices. I have not used any of these products. I use a x-hat boom arm that keeps the hats in a closed position and uses no cables to open or close the hats. If you don't want to spend any money on new hardware to solve your issue with playing with your arms crossed over to reach the hats, as many others have said, practice leading with the left hand. Good luck!!

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    My advice would be to take the hand patterns of the beats you want to play and move them over to the practice pad, then reverse the sticking. That way you can get the left-hand lead feel down first without the disctraction of the different sounds coming from the kit and your left arm getting tired from holding it higher than it is used to being held. Then you can move them back over to the kit and start working on getting your feet to line up with the groove correctly.
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    open handed, practice that's all.
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    It seems like I've been practicing with my left hand on the hats, for years...............still not happy with it. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by markthechuck View Post
    open handed, practice that's all.
    Agree. I'm still practicing open hand.
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    To echo what had already been said. Maybe open handed and lots of practice. Your body (wrist) will tell you what is comfortable and what works.
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    I know what you mean, as I had to overcome right thumb injury years back, had my hand in a cast for a period of time and rehab, then slowly had to get my right hand back into form. I had no choice but to use my left hand.....after a while, I could stir a spoon of coffee, open and clse doors, brush my teeth and so forth. About the only thing still nigh impossible is to write legibly with my left hand.

    If you do use your practice pad for some exercises, do some what I call "3 to 1" or "2 to 1" exercises, that is, for ever 1 right hand stroke do 3. Some you'll find in George L. Stone's "Stick Control", some I've picked up from elsewhere or came up on my own. eg:

    LLLR LLLR familiar to anyone who practices with "Stick Control".

    There's also:

    ...and so forth.

    Then you could take the triplet, and rephrase it like:

    RLL RLL, or
    LLR LLR.

    This is a great exercise to do between several surfaces on a kit as well, for instance right hand on the ride or floor tom, left hand on the snare. In your case, try putting the right on the snare, and the left on the hi-hat. Couple that right hand with your kick drum, or the first left hand stroke on the hi-hat can go with your kick for an interesting challenge. Now move the right hand between two surfaces like the first rack tom then to the snare, whilst still keeping the left hand on the hi-hat. Do this slowly and evenly, and do it daily....don't skimp over your left hand practice....short amounts of practice done daily as opposed to cramming it all in an afternoon. After a period of time, that left hand should start to feel like it's coming along nicely as far as double strokes are concerned, that's the beauty of practicing such triplet exercises, especially when the right hand goes back and forth, because you're creating a triplet ostinato exercise which is musical....if it becomes musical to your ear, then it becomes more fun and therefore after a while your brain relaxes and then you'll forget that it's a technical exercise to start off with. It's an exercise that I also use to play bass notes with mallets when playing tuned percussion as well as what helps with the left hand on piano (as they're in a way all related), and once the RLL triplet really became second nature it wasn't too long a step before I could decently play full LLL LLL triplets on the hi-hat whilst playing the snare on 2 & 4.

    Mind you, full 1e+a 2e+a 1/16th notes on the hi-hat is still pretty hard going for me at the moment, that will take me a while.
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    Sweaty....ive injured just abt everything on my body in a 50 yr career,,,
    in 1995 i got permanent nerve entrapment in my rt hand,,,
    i cannot cross mt hand to play hihat,,,the remote hihat is my saving grace,,
    i place it on the left side as a primary in da "11 o'clock position...
    Usin da 18 inch cable allows dbl pedal access & no clutter...
    I have a 2nd snare to da left side of the remote hat
    i use the left for foot patterns (cymbals loose)
    on my rt side my "cymbal tree" is my ride cymbal,
    set of closed hats (dw xhat) with crash above...
    For jazz rock country i play patterns on my rt,,rhythms on lft with foot...
    When i wanna "slam" i simply move my hands,,,not my body...
    My rt hands whacks da loose hihats,,,,
    my left hand moves to da snare on my left...
    Problem solved....almost 20 yrs usin it,,,it works,,,check it out..

    As for hand problems,,,vibration of wood stick
    numbs my arm all da way to neck....
    Solution,,,,ahead anti vibe sticks...
    Pm me anytime for more info or advice...
    Been there done that,,still doin it
    modify for solutions
    good luck lemme know if i can help....





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