The Peavey International 2 is your average to beginner drumset. It is a 5 pc kit with 2 peavey cymbals. The cymbals are not so great so you'll have to change them out. (some Sabians will probably do the trick). But for the cymbals in general, you'll have to change them out sooner or later. The toms are good, but you'll have to change the reso head and batter head in 3 months. The bass drum is nice, but the toms are connected to the bass drum so moving the toms is a hassle. So the Peavey International 2 drumset takes some workin' on and elbow grease, but with 100 dollars in modifications, it will sound like butter.

I got my kit for 379.99 at a local pawn shop. The heads were beaten up. The kit is discontinued, so you can't buy one from the internet, but you'll probably get a chance to get your hands on one on ebay. The kit is a good intermediate kit with a few modifications, but an awesome kit if your a beginner. If you're starting drumming you should probably look in to getting one of these.