I use a M-Audio Micro Track Portable Digital Recorder with the Sound Professional Micro-Track Interface Power Microphone made specificly for the Micro Track. You can also record from the mixing board. Haven't tried that yet and don't have a reason to at this time. Uses a flash cards 64 up to 4G. Small, size of a digital camera, portable and no hiss on recording, or distortion at live performances. I'm a very happy camper. I have a cable that I can hook up to my car stereo and lisen to our gig on my way home. Put the Flash Card into my Card reader in my DVD player at home. To play on my (Bose) surround sound or download the music onto my computer and burn a CD. This little machine was heaven sent. I just needed the right mic. The original mic that comes with it can't handle loud music. Recorder cost around $350 and the mic. from Sound Professionals cost $100. Happy Recording to all.