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Thread: **Must Read Before Posting**

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    Welcome to our new classifieds section of Drum Chat.


    • As a member, you must already have 100 posts elsewhere in the forum before being able to post in this section of the forum. This does not include numerous posts in game or off topic threads.
    • You may only sell your personal gear, not that of another party.
    • You may not link or refer to ebay or craigslist or another website. Your ad must be contained within this post.
    • You may not use pictures with store or website branding.
    • You must have a "full" description of your product including a picture.
    • No vintage drums at this time (over 30 years old).
    • No dealers in any way, shape or form.
    • Upon posting in this section, you agree that Drum Bum, Inc (owner of forum) will not be held responsible for any part of the transaction that takes place as it relates to this forum. Proceed with caution.
    • Because these rules are subject to change, check this page before posting.

    If the rules are broken, you may be permanently banned from the forum.


    1. Use PayPal
    2. If something "smells funny", back out. Trust your instincts.
    3. Avoid making payment as a "gift".
    4. Be an informed buyer. Do as much research as possible.
    - Tom

    Everyone loves FREE... like this free drum forum. But like your car and even your drums, they require upkeep and maintenance and that requires money.

    Will you consider Shopping at Drum Bum to help support this forum?

    Or make a donation here.

    I know from working with Drum Bum through the years, that this forum is costly to run. It requires server fees, hosting, ongoing moderation, advertising, software upgrades, security certificates and IT work when it breaks. All in addition to the expenses that come from running a business. These costs are offset (hopefully) by members that click through to Drum Bum to make a purchase now and then, if not make a contribution to help keep it running.

    On behalf of Drum Bum, thank you for your consideration.

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    Default Re: **Must Read Before Posting**

    I think this is a double post Tom

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