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    Well then, it seems I am unable to control my right hand, what I mean is if playing fast tempos above like above 140 I cant stop my right hand from playing double time is just goes like an unstoppable force. I notice that when I try to slow it down to just groove with the beat I have to put extra effort in to not let it slow me down, otherwise it does. I am also having trouble just keeping quarter notes going with my right hand while playing complicated double pedal beats with my feat and still using snare with me good ol left. Is there something wrong with me brain? Can someone help? has anyone gone through this?

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    Put in more time practicing. Muscle memory takes time to build up. Do you have a metronome? If not, at least download an phone app and start out at a slower BPM.

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    Sounds like youretrying to play faster then youre capable of, at this time. Listen to Late* slow down a bit.

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    I am really trying. I do have several metronomes, a new quartz one that my band says is no good and 3 on my ipod touch. 1 of them made by Ludwig and has a bunch of different time signatures that are bunch of fun to play with. Some of the songs my band plays are above 170 and for those couple of song the blasting right hand playing double time on cymbals with everything else at the right tempo the guys absolutely love they say it enhances the drive, But I want to be able to control it. I no this requires me to work more on hand independence, just don't know where to start

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    You only been playing for a short while? You need to slow down and work with a metronome. That kind of speed can only be built up with time and regular practice. If you've been playing a number of years, together with diligent practice, then yes, of course you'll have speed. But it's no use having speed without control. And bag loads of patience.
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    I have been playing for close to 2 years now. I started when I was 5 or 6 stopped @ 15. I have been on & off for the 7 years but really committed these last 2 years. Whenever I reach a mental block or feel like I hit a brick wall I schedule a drum lesson a the music store and practice like crazy what I am having trouble with. I also bomb this forum with questions to gather the best approach of attacking my problem. My problem isn't playing at high speeds or high bpm's anymore its control that I seek. I think I know where to start but I would like to know what exactly I seek independence with my right from my foot so what should I work? which exercise or rudiment that I can do repeatedly to get this right?

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