These drums are top of the line. All maple shells.
-1984 Pearl MLX Professional Series.
-Standard sizes (12", 13", 16", 22")

Includes a Steel Shell Free Floating snare drum. 14"

The laquer is in great shape, a few small bumps but nothing bad.

These drums were in a studio or cases for the last 29 years and are in incredible condition. The shells are the same as the Pearl Masters as these are "pre-masters".
10 lug bass drum

I have a brand new set of Coated Evans G14's that have just been put on the kit.. The bass has a Powerstroke 3 on the batter and a Remo Reso on the front.

Comes with tom legs and tom mounts.
Toms have Super Hoops on top and bottom.
Bass drum hoops are Maple

I'm not very picky on what to trade for, but I would like it to be of equal quality.

If nothing comes up by December I'll be removing the availability of these via drumchat. They are 29 years old and I refuse to break the 30 year rule.