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    i just purchased a DW collectors aluminum snare drum. it was a total canon in the practice room at the drum shop but I'm not hearing that same quality at the gig. I'm guessing the room size definitely makes a difference but i want more boom and less ring. i tried one of those remo control rings and it killed the tone altogether. but also when i have hearing protection it sounds twice as good. Anyone else experiencing this and/or have a solution to my problem?

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    As an audiophile I can tell you yes room acoustics make a huge difference. I too have got snares that sounded great at the drum shop and then got home to find then somewhat dulled especially when I throw it in my kit.
    You might try an Evans Genera HD, Aquarian Hi energy, velocity. Or just mess with tuning and moongel, Those control rings kill too much for me as well, most snares get half a moongel.

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    What head are you using now? As Zarrdoss mentioned, a different head can make all the difference. Give an Evans coated G2 or ST Dry a shot as well.
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    Your issue is the result of the acoustics in the space you're playing in. In larger spaces, you're not hearing a lot of reflection, so the drum can sound thin and dead to some degree. It's still there... you're just not hearing it.

    Best thing to do is to ask someone else to tap on the drum while you stand out in the room, where the audience would be, and then head back onstage and adjust your tuning/muffling accordingly.
    The answer to all "Which one should I buy?" questions is the same. Play them and choose the one that sounds best to you.

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