Has anyone used the Evans Min EMAD Mini Dampening System?

Back in the day I used to have a Gretch set that had felt muffling on both heads of all of the toms. I found that and still like that idea. Eliminating Moon Gels and Duct Tape. Cleaner look and more spontanious control over how much resonation, overtones and ringing that I project from my drums when I'm being Mic.'ed. I'm using EVANS EC2's on my toms now. I want to be louder but focused when I'm not being Mic'ed or using triggers. I like the low, fat sound for classic rock. Should I go for AQUARIAN Heads or Switch to hydraulic heads? Anyones thoughts. Besides get a better set. I'm happy with my Yamaha Noveau Custom Set. Only paid $499.00 Brand New in the Box Cranberry Stain. Not a year old yet. I'm an old timer and still play on weekends but if some of you younger guys know of something new please pass it on. Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks