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Thread: Percussion Plus - drumset reviews

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    I run into so many kits I think it is about time I review them all for you guys.

    Right now I have a Percussion Plus 5 piece set, hardware, cymbals...

    The Drums:
    Woah, I never guess these would actually be a good starter kit/beater kit until I took it apart and inspected it. They are very low cost as well. The Wood is probably poplar or basswood, although I am not sure. The grain is vertical which is usually a sign of a lower quality kit as it is easier to bend. The edges all are in good condition, quality control for this company seems to do a good job.

    Stock heads are Remo UX which are much nicer than the stock heads on a Pearl Export or Tama Imperialstar.

    Overall they sound excellent for the price. Next to a Ludwig Accent I would not be able to hear the difference.

    The Hardware:The hardware on the drums is pretty mediocre. Hoops are cheaper. Lugs are lighter weight, which increases the risk of one breaking. I'm not sure that the "chrome" on the lugs is even chrome, appears to be a plastic based material.

    The stands that came with it are nothing special. Pretty standard beginner hardware, I would say they are a step below the Sound Percussion stands you can get from GC.

    The Cymbals:
    If you buy this set replace the cymbals ASAP. They are incredible thin brass, easy to dent, and if you push down on the hi hat stand to much you flip the bottom hat inside out.

    If you can get a good price ($200 or less used, no more than $300 new) These are an impressive starter kit.

    The wraps are good looking. The kit sounds surprisingly good. The stands are on par with most beginner stuff. And there is no premium for a brand name being on it.

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    Default Re: Percussion Plus

    I played a used PPlus set at Music-Go-round that someone put coated Abassadors on and had tuned to perfection. The sound blew me away...sounded as good as the other used PDP and Ludwig kits they had. I should have bought it as a spare or project. They wanted $79 for the 4pc shell pack (no snare).

    "Too many crappy used drum stuff to list"

    Play the SONG......not the DRUMS!!!

    "I think that feeling is a lot more important than technique. It's all very well doing a triple paradiddle - but who's going to know you've done it? If you play technically you sound like everybody else. It's being original that counts." ~ John Bonham

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