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    Hey dudes.

    Anyone had any vh13 problems yet? My open trigger was delayed and stiff so I lubed it. Then it started failing. So i removed the grease with contact cleaner. It didnt help. Now I have no sensitivity from it. Any tips? Big $500 woopsie if warranty doest come through :( is there anywhere i can get spare parts from for roland stuff
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    contact cleaner may not remove the grease. If you can take it apart, do so, and clean it manualy making sure to clean any electrical contacts. As I do not have one its hard to advise, but im an electronics tech for whats it worth. if there were any circuit boards where you sprayed the grease you may have a major issue now.

    have you tried using an VOM to see if and how the switch is functioning?

    take a picture of what you sprayed and i may be able to advise you better...not all hope is lost.

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    I tried to post a response but guess the admin didn't like it

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    As hotwire said, contact cleaner won't remove grease... I would pull all the parts you can (you can get the plunger out of a vh11 pretty easily, dunno about the 13) and manually clean and reassemble with crossed fingers.

    Let us know how you get on.

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