I know this is a weird comparison but I am looking at turning my acoustic into an electric set. I by no means have any experience wiring electronics so I would not be comfortable doing a DIY. I noticed the Pintech conversion costs roughly $750 for a 5 piece set. On top of this I would have to buy a module and cymbals, which would put me well over $1000 depending on what I decide to buy. On the other hand I came across this bundle from Kraft Music that includes the Tru Trac heads from the Pearl e-pro kit as well as a Yamaha DTX502 module for $950. Depending on which cymbals I decide to purchase I'll be in about the same price range as I would be if I went with the Pintech conversion.

Is there anyone out there that has experience with both of these products that could weigh in and give me some sort of direction?