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Thread: Dbl bass timing, speed and style

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    Cool Dbl bass timing, speed and style

    Hey guys, maybe someone can give a little insight. I've been a double bass player (meaning double pedal, actually) for quite a few years here and played with a few bands, etc, anyway. I've played in my past to RUSH, Dream Theater and now I've gotten into Avenged Sevenfold pretty heavy. I'm actually drumming for an Avenged Sevenfold tribute out of Minnesota and need some help improving my double bass style, speed and timing.

    For the most part, I can run a 16th on the bass and do well, it's the sixtuplet runs that are played or the infamous digga digga's while using double bass and 16th's on the snare simultaneously that I just cannot seem to line up. They start out well, but after 4 counts, I'm flamming everything all over the place!

    I've marched corps, so rudimental sticking is nothing new on the hands, it's just getting my feet to catch up.

    Would I be better off ditching the double pedal and getting an actual double bass, or is this just a strengthening issue? If it matters, I play on a Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage with Remo Emperor coated heads and a Gibralter dual chain drive double pedal

    How can I get good at this? Thanks
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    Slow everything your doing down its annoying but it has worked for me, start with the limbs your comfortable with and then add in the limbs your not comfortable with, and speed up as you get it down. I would not buy a second bass drum (I'm assuming that's what you were talking about) they're a pain to tune because you have to get them exactly matched or they sound strange, plus they can get in the way with cymbal mounts and hi-hat placement, I got one and had to re-learn 32nd notes on my hi-hat, I ended up storing it and using my Iron Cobra, if you do want to get a new pedal I would recommend that, but it sounds like a strengthening/muscle memory issue from what you've said.
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