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Thread: Soundproofing for A-drummmers on a budget

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    Default Soundproofing for A-drummmers on a budget

    I read this article on soundproofing for acoustic drums. The couple spent $7000 on soundproofing. After this weekend of playing my acoustic drums at church for a drum solo special music. I want to get back playing my acoustic drums. I live in townhouse with two neighbors on each side and my mother studies all the time for school. I can't spend $7000 on soundproofing my room, but I would like to some how soundproof it so that I can play and practice on my acoustic drums again. I played on both our roland TD-8 vdrums kit and my Sonor acoustic drums today and I forgot how much the way the acoustic drums feel. I would love to beable to play them at home again but without the soundproofing there is no way it is going to happen, and I will have to continue practicing and playing on my Roland V-Tour TD-6V Kit. Does anyone have an sugguestions what I can do.
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    might help, I remember reading it awhile ago.

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    Welocme to Drum Chat, Mrbdrums! There was a thread on this subject a while back. I'll see if I can find it and give you the link.

    I found several threads for you. Hope they help.
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