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Thread: Pearl Maxwin can anyone help with info?

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    Single headed toms....man, I could do a Phil Collins impersonation with them, lol. With my personal taste, I wouldn't go for coated Ambassadors on single headed drums...they'll be a bit timbale-like...unless you want to go for that sound. You could try clear Remo Ambassadors with maybe a teeny bit of Moon Gel or gaff dampening and some judicious tuning...done right, they won't sound like cardboard boxes...and of course, room acoustics is yet another factor. But I wouldn't mind that, being someone who also don't mind playing Rototoms, timbales, Octobans and other single headed drums, not just the double head ones.

    Pity you're not in the Sydney area....we've got a guy that lives around a half hour drive north of me who specialises in vintage and classic drums, and has done a number of restorations on even what were considered at the low end of the drum market in the 60's to 80's. Probably considered one of the best restorers in this country now, judging by the clientele . I can let you know how to get in touch with him, he could definitely point you in the right direction or maybe help you with where to get some tom mounts and so forth. Yes, that finish on the inside of your drums is indeed Zola coat or something very similar.....many moons ago I had a single headed 8" Tama add-on tom with that, and the inside of my Rogers drums all have something like that too....not sure if Rogers called it that as well or not, but most definitely, a greyish colour like yours.
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    Curious. Were Westbury also a Pearl made brand? There used to be a fair number of them around.

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    Thanks for the info, I like Remo pinstripes and powerstrokes for their deep fat sounding tones, (which I've got on my other kit) and would like to put them on the Maxwin but didn't know if they'd be suitable? All the toms have manual dampeners so I shouldn't need rings or moon gel. I would love that guys details if you have them? I think I'm going to modify the kit to suit how I want though, it'll cost me a fortune in vinatge hardware that's most likely a lot flimsier than todays gear. I must admit, I don't know who phil collins is, though I've seen his name a few times, I guess I should check it out lol. I've also not heard of Westbury drums before, doesn't sound to me like a Pearl range, though back in the day, they did have around 30 names on them at one stage. Thanks N2Bluz, I'll check out your old post and can't wait to see the new pic's.

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