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    I'm looking at purchasing a 20" Zildjian Ping Ride. I am just getting back into playing after a 25 year down time. I never owned a Ping Ride, but I played one and really liked the sound. My question is which new version of that particular ride will sound similar to the Pinf Ride from the early 90's?


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    I think that the current Zildjian A series Ping Ride should be pretty close, but you could always look around for an actual 90's series Ping Ride for sale somewhere.

    That being said, you should always trust your ears. Buying cymbals online is risky business, because two identical cymbals, made at the came factory at the same time, will often sound completely different. Always try before you buy!
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    If you like it, that's all you need to know. I have one, and it's ancient. Sounds spot on compared with a new one.
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    Get it bro ping rides are the best

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